Apple vermouth

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  • Alcohol : 15%
  • Serving temperature : 8°C
  • Size : 700ml
  • Category : Liquoreux
  • Apple varieties : Geneva, aromas
  • Sugar: 130 g/L
  • Availability: Cider house


Originally, a vermouth is a wine in which have been macerated herbs to give bitterness and spices to give aroma. Generally used to make cocktails.

Here, a base of rosé cider is fortified with apple brandy to which are added more than twenty extracts of plants and spices to give bitterness and flavors.

Tasting Notes  

Apperance : Bubble-free and syrupy, with a deep red color and garnet reflections.

Aroma : Aromatic and complex, this vermouth gives off aromas of spices and orange blossom.

Taste : Since we are using a base of rosé cider and apple brandy, the red fruit and floral profiles are present, but only in the background. Very pronounced spice flavors such as star anise and black pepper dominate. A long bitter finish gives a lot of character to this unusual product!

To be served with : Excellent as is on ice or in a cocktail. Try it in our original cocktail recipe: Urban Autumn.
2 parts Apple Brandy, 1 part Apple Vermouth, 1/2 part Golden Ice Cider, fresh mint and ice!