Michel represents the fourth generation of apple growers in the Jodoin family, established in Rougemont in 1901! Michel absolutely loves his work and finds himself leaving behind public market stalls, moving away from the path taken by his father; he has other projects and ambitions in mind for himselfand his apples!

Introduced to cider making by his father Jean and his grandfather Ernest, he left for Europe to perfect his knowledge. After training in Champagne, among other things, he was granted one of Quebec’s very first permits to produce and sell artisanal cider. It was then, in his modest garage, that Michel began making and selling cider. The size of the building and the variety of products increased over the years!

As an active community member, Michel Jodoin took part in numerous projects and committees to promote both cider and his region, including The Cider Route. Michel, a veritable conductor, always supervises the various levels of production while deciding on the company's major orientations.

Ambitious in business as well as in life, Michel has a penchant for travel and physical challenges, especially running; he has worn out his running shoes in many places around the world, including at the Polar Circle Marathon in Greenland.

It goes to show that cider keeps you young!