From 1901 to today

A promising start

On a Sunday in October 1901, Jean-Baptiste Jodoin bought an orchard with about 100 apple trees.


A few years later, the orchard expanded to several thousand trees when his son Ernest Jodoin inherited it in 1937. The apples would sustain him and his family for at least four generations! It shouldn't come as a surprise then that Michel Jodoin found the orchard to be the apple of his eye!

As the years went by,
the orchard grew

The beginning of the cider house!

Following a rocky start (150 bottles in the first 6 months), Mr. Jodoin's perseverance and boldness paid off: 5,000 bottles in 1990 and 100,000 in 2004!

The cider house takes off!

Focusing on quality and originality, the cider house is proud to pioneer the traditional method of cider production and to be the most prominent North American producer of the Geneva red-fleshed apple. In 1999, it also became the first micro-distillery in Canada! The Cidrerie Michel Jodoin has received numerous awards and is renowned for its high-quality products and the warm welcome it extends to visitors. It is a fixture on the Quebec cider-making circuit and a jewel in the crown of Canadian food.