White Sparkling Cider

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  • Alcohol content: 6.4%.
  • Serving temperature: 8°C
  • Size: 330ml, 750 ml
  • Category: Semi dry
  • Apple variety: McIntosh
  • Sugar: 15g/L
  • Availability: Cider house (330ml, 750 ml), SAQ (330ml), grocery store (330ml, 750 ml)


This cider is made by fermenting the juice in stainless steel tanks, which is then filtered and artificially carbonated.

This is the carbonated version of the Still White Cider.

Tasting Notes  

Appearance: Medium effervescence and a light yellow colour with straw hues.

Aroma: This light and delicate cider gives off fruity aromas of fresh apples.

Taste: In this very light and refreshing cider, the McIntosh dominates and provides an abundant taste of fresh apple. A hint of sweetness gives it a pleasant finish! The bubbles from the carbonation give this cider a celebratory twist!

How to enjoy it: This cider makes for an excellent aperitif or a great mixer in a cocktail like the Black Velvet. Pair it with food as you would beer — with a burger and fries, chips or even at brunch.

*Please note that the bottles have a twist-off cap and that the pictures are for illustrative purposes only