Amber Liquor of Quebec

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  • Alcohol : 18 %
  • Serving temperature : 8 °C
  • Size : 700 ml
  • Catégory : Mild
  • Apple variety : McIntosh 
  • Sugar: 60 g/L
  • Availability : Cider House


Assemblage d’eau-de-vie de pomme et de jus de pomme frais, vieilli pendant 18 mois en barrique de chêne ayant servi préalablement à notre Brandy.

Tasting Notes  

Apperance : Bubble-free and syrupy, with a deep burgundy color and caramel reflections.

Aroma : Aromatic and complex, this product gives off scents of apples, smoked wood and spices.

Taste : Not as sweet as its mistelle sisters, but the sweetness of this cider is still present and gives a long finish with flavors of ripe apple and spices (from the barrel) such as caramel, coconut and vanilla. A perfect balance of apple and brandy warmth!

How to enjoy : Excellent on its own as a digestif or with a strong cheese platter. Also excellent in the kitchen for reduction.