Apple Must Rosé - Cans

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  • Alcohol : 0 %
  • Serving temperature : 4 °C
  • Size : 250 ml
  • Category: Sweet
  • Apple varieties: McIntosh, Genevaa
  • Sugar: 116 g/L
  • Shelf life : 1 year
  • Availability: Cider house, grocery store


Simply put, our apple cider is 100% pure apple juice, unfermented, unaged, filtered and artificially carbonated.

Tasting Notes  

Appearance: This cider has a medium effervescence and is a light pink colour with red hues.

Aroma: This light and delicate cider gives off aromas of fresh apple and red fruit.

Taste: Apple is very present in this juice, and the Geneva apple adds a nice touch of red fruit and summer flowers. The bubbles from the carbonation give a festive touch that is sure to be popular with young and old alike!

How to enjoy it: Delicious as is, as an aperitif, as a cocktail mixer or paired with brunch.