Still Strong Rosé

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  • Alcohol content: 12%.
  • Serving temperature: 8°C
  • Size: 750ml
  • Category: Dry
  • Apple variety: Geneva
  • Sugar: 8.5g/L
  • Availability: Cider house, SAQ, grocery store


This cider is made by fermenting the juice in stainless steel tanks, then it is chaptalized and filtered before bottling.

Tasting Notes  

Appearance: This cider has no bubbles and is a deep pink colour with orange hues.

Aroma: This aromatic and delicate cider gives off aromas of red fruit and apple.

Taste: The Geneva apple gives this cider acidity and tannins, giving it a nice freshness and astringency. The Geneva's red fruit profile is front and center, followed by apple, with a floral, slightly bitter finish that delivers all the character cider lovers crave!

How to enjoy it: This cider is an excellent substitute for rosé wine as an aperitif, but it pairs especially well with a thin-crust pizza topped with goat cheese, fresh tomatoes, basil and prawns.