Sparkling #Unfiltered Rosé

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  • Alcohol content : 6.4%.
  • Serving temperature : 8°C
  • Size : 4x330ml
  • Category : Brut
  • Composition: 50% Geneva 50% McIntosh
  • Residual sugar level: 2,2 g/L
  • Availability: Cidrerie (330ml) and SAQ (330ml)


A cider obtained by fermenting the juice in stainless steel tanks and artificially carbonated. This cider is not filtered, therefore more natural and has very little residual sugar.

Notes of tasting

Color :With a medium effervescence and a pinkish color, slightly cloudy.

Olfactory : Aromatic and fine, this cider gives off scents of red fruits and apples.

Gustatory :The Geneva apple brings acidity and tannins to this cider that provide freshness and astringency. The red fruit profile of the Geneva is featured here, with the apple and floral aspect being more subdued. This cider has very little residual sugar, so the finish is drier but still very well balanced. The bubbles from the carbonation give this cider a festive feel!

Accompaniments :As an aperitif, with various seafood starters, Asian dishes or cheese.