Golden Apple Liquor

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  • Alcool : 24.5%
  • Serving temperature : 8°C
  • Size : 700ml
  • Category : Liquor
  • Apple varieties : McIntosh
  • Availability : SAQ, Cidrerie


Blend of apple brandy and slightly cryo-concentrated apple juice.

Tasting Notes 

Appearance: No effervescence and a syrupy texture, of a deep yellow colour with orange hues.

Aroma: This aromatic and complex liqueur gives off aromas of baked apple.

Taste: Since this product is not fermented or aged, it coats the palate with a smooth sweetness. The percentage of alcohol here gives you a light, comforting feeling of warmth, and the baked apple flavours are so pronounced that you'll think you're drinking apple pie!

How to enjoy it: This mistelle is great as a dessert or digestif, but especially with a cheese board and even foie gras. You can also use it in your cooking to make reductions.