Our ciders and spirits

Vermouth de pomme

  • Alcohol : 15%
  • Service : 8°C
  • Format : 700ml
  • Category : Extra-sweet
  • Composition : Geneva, aromas.
  • Conservation : 5 years
  • Availability : Cidrerie





Vermouth is a wine in which herbs macerate, giving bitterness and spicy aromas. Usually, it is used to make cocktails.

For this product, a rosé cider base is fortified with apple “Eau-de-vie” to which we add more than twenty products, resulting in the same bitterness and flavours as the traditional vermouth.


Tasting notes

Visual : Without bubbles and sirupy, with a strong red colour and garnet gleams.

Nose : Complex and aromatic, this cider provides spice and orange peel aromas.

Taste : Since this product is rosé cider and eau-de-vie based, the red berry and floral notes are present, but somewhat subdued. It is the spice flavour that is dominant in this product, like star anis and black pepper corn, just to name a few. In addition, a long bitter finish provides a lot of character!

Pairing : Excellent on ice or for a cocktail. Try it in our original cocktail recipe, Urban autumn:
2 parts Apple Brandy, 1 part apple Vermouth, 1/2 part golden ice cider, mint leaves and ice!