Nos cidres et spiritueux

Moût de pomme au poire

  • Alcohol : 0%
  • Serving temperature : 4°C
  • Format : 750ml
  • Category : Sweet
  • Composition : McIntosh, natural aromas.
  • Shelf-life : 2 years
  • Points of sale : Cidrerie, Groceries





A must is the result of a pressed fruit destined to become alcohol.

Simply said, our musts are made from 100% fresh apple juice, not fermented or aged, filtered and carbonated.

Natural aromas of pear are added before carbonation.


Tasting notes

Visuel : Medium effervescence with a light yellow colour and straw gleams.

Nose : Fine and light, this cider provides fresh apple and pear aromas.

Taste : The apple and pear are very present in this juice and give sweetness and freshness to the product. The carbonation provides a very joyful feeling that will be appreciated by kids and adults alike!

Pairing : Excellent as an aperitif, during a brunch or as a cocktail lengthener.