Michel comes from a long line of apple producers, more precisely going back all the way to 1901; he is the fourth generation of the Jodoin family to be established in Rougemont. Although loving his work, Michel slowly drifts away from his family’s heritage of selling at the farmer’s markets: he had more aspiring ideas for his apples!

Initiated to cider making at a young age by his father, Jean, and his Grand-father, Ernest, Michel travels to Europe to learn from the master! Notably, he goes to Champagne where he’ll learn the traditional method of making sparkling wine, after what he’ll get one of the first Québec artisanal fabrications and selling of cider permits. Then on, in his modest garage, Michel will begin to produce his first ciders! Very implicated in his domain, he participates on many local projects and committees to better promote the cider house as well as the region.

Over the years, the dimensions of the enterprise grew as well as the quantity of his products! Being the real maestro of the place, Michel supervises all steps of the production, mean while keeping the direction of the business and striving to reach new goals!

As ambitious in the work place as in life, Michel has a soft spot for travel and sports, especially marathons. Challenging and enduring, combining his two hobbies, he participated in marathons all over the globe, for example, to mention just one, the Groenland Antarctic ice Marathon!

Just another way of showing that cider brightens the soul!

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