Nos cidres et spiritueux

Sparkling rosé

  • Alcohol : 7%
  • Serving temperature : 8°C
  • Format : 750ml
  • Category : Medium-dry
  • Composition : Geneva
  • Shelf-life : 2 years
  • Availability : Cidrerie, SAQ





Cider obtained according to the traditional Champagne method.
A first fermentation is made in stainless steel tanks followed by a second fermentation in the bottle, then aged on lees for a period going from 12 to 18 months.

After the riddling and disgorging, the dosage is adjusted to obtain a medium-dry cider.


Tasting notes

Visual : Highly effervescent, with a strong rosé colour and orange gleams.

Nose : Fine and aromatic, this cider provides fruity and florals aromas.

Taste : The effervescence consists of abundant fine bubbles. The Geneva apple brings  acidity, freshness, tannins and tartness to this product. The contact with the lees provides the dominant floral profile of the Geneva and then follows a fresh crisp apple flavour with a red berry finish. A hint of sweetness provides this cider great drinkability!

Parring : Great alternative to Champagne or other sparkling wine when served with a cheese plater or with Asian food such as sushi.