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Rosé sparkling cider

Geneva Apple:

All of our rosé ciders get their colour naturally from the Geneva apple, a rare red-fleshed variety grown in our orchards. Though it’s not the best eating apple, it nevertheless produces exceptional ciders!
7% alc./vol., 750 ml
Made from the Geneva variety, the surprising, red-fleshed apple. This sparkling cider is developed according to the traditional method (similar to the méthode champenoise). It is aged 15 months on lees before the final bottle fermentation.

Tasting notes
A shimmering rosée colour. Fine and constant bubbles. An intense and complex bouquet with berry aromas and floral notes. On the palate, what’s left is a faint residual sweetness combined with good acidity, body and a whiff of bitterness.

Serving suggestion: 4 to 6°C

1 year in a cool place.

Ideal as an aperitif, this cider accompanies fish-based entrées (e.g. salmon tartar), terrines and cheeses. Sample it with a warm Camembert in phyllo pastry or a pannacotta with strawberries, or drizzle it over a bowl of mixed berries. A delectable alternative to Champagne and other sparkling wines.

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